Chris Piuma

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PhD program
Chris’s research interests include: multilingual texts; language-centered poetry, poetics, and play; queer translation, philology, and reading practices; Latin; Catalan.

Conference Papers

“Garble Garble Garble.” Future-Philology roundtable at Cruising in the Ruins: The Question of Disciplinarity in the Post/medieval University. The Second Biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group. Boston, 20–22 September 2012.

“Guillem de Torroella’s La Faula: A Polyglottopia.” The Eighteenth Biennial Congress of the New Chaucer Society. Portland, Ore., 23–26 July 2012.

“De catervis ceteris.” Burn After Reading: Miniature Manifestos for a Post/medieval Studies roundtable at the Forty-seventh International Congress on Medieval Studies. University of Western Michigan, 10–13 May 2012.

“Hebrew and Pseudo-Hebrew in the Retaules of the Serra Brothers.” Imitation, Emulation, and Forgery: Pretending and Becoming in the Medieval World: The Thirty-third Medieval Colloquium of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. 2–3 March 2012.

“‘Si fo·m com lenguatge frances’: French and Catalan Dialogue in Guillem de Torroella’s ‘La Faula.’” Romance and Dramatic Fictions in the Middle Ages: the Conversation in Question. University of Toronto, 10–11 June 2011.

“Anticipatory Plagiarism and the Ex Post Facto Garde in the Middle Ages.” Queering the Muse: Medieval Poetry and Contemporary Poetics panel at the Forty-sixth International Congress on Medieval Studies. University of Western Michigan, 12–15 May 2011.

“Reinventing the Time Machine: Dante and Grammar.” Desiring the Text, Touching the Past: Towards An Erotics of Reception. University of Bristol, 10 July 2010.