Ian McDougall

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Most of my time is devoted to work on the Dictionary of Old English. I also teach two courses on Old Norse: MST 2010Y, MST 2015Y. My main interests are all things relevant to the study of Old English language and literature and Old Norse language and literature, particularly the transmission of Latin learning in vernacular texts of the British Isles and Scandinavia.

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“Acc. 7c, Hs. 94: Fragments of an English homiliary in the Arnamagn‘an Collection”, Bibliotheca Arnamagn‘ana 42. Opuscula 11 (2003), 268-88.

with David McDougall and Peter Foote: _Theodoricus Monachus, An Account of the Ancient History of the Norwegian Kings._ Viking Society for Northern Research Text Series XI (London, rev. ed. 2006).