Lisa Lynn Chen

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PhD program
Lisa Lynn Chen is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Book History and Print Culture Collaborative Program at Massey College researching the manuscript culture of early medieval Europe. Her interests focus on the production and use of scientific manuscripts from Carolingian monastic scriptoria, specifically computistical manuscripts which deal with time-reckoning and the science and art of calendar making. She recently completed her Book History and Print Culture Practicum at the Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in the SCRIPTO program (Scholarly Codicological Research, Information & Palaeographical Tools). She has served the graduate student community in various organizations, most recently as the Co-chair of the Graduate Student Committee of the Medieval Academy of America.

Advisory Committee

John Magee (supervisor), Nicholas Everett, William Robins, Bernice Kaczynski

Major Field title

Astronomy and Computus Manuscripts in Early Medieval Europe

Thesis Title

Time and How to Calculate It: A Study and Critical Edition with Translation of Book Ten of Hrabanus Maurus’ De rerum naturis