The Letters of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln

Robert Grosseteste responds to a mandate of Pope Innocent IV:

For these reasons, revered lords, because of my obligation to be obedient and loyal […] I oppose, and I rebel against the things contained in that letter, chiefly because they so very clearly verge upon the sin I mentioned, so very abominable to our Lord Jesus Christ and so utterly destructive to the human race, and also because they are in every way opposed and contrary to the holiness of the apostolic see. (p. 446)

What caused the Bishop of Lincoln to protest so eloquently against papal actions? Find out in The Letters of Robert Grosseteste, translated for the first time into English by F.A.C. Mantello (Catholic University of America) and Joseph Goering (University of Toronto). The book provides a unique glimpse into medieval government and society. Available from University of Toronto Press.