Annual Symposium of the Friends of the Mediaeval Studies Society of the Royal Ontario Museum

24th MARCH 2012

This is to announce, and is a call for papers to be presented at, the 7th Annual Symposium of the Friends of the Mediaeval Studies Society of the Royal Ontario Museum (FMSS-ROM). The FMSS-ROM is an association of ROM members and individuals that are professionally involved with the mediaeval period, who collectively wish to forward understanding of the mediaeval period.

Eight speakers will talk on various aspects of the Mediaeval world, including archaeology, history, culture, and art. The nature of the talks will be scholarly, but accessible to non-specialists. Chronologically, the scope of the society, and of the symposium, runs from the late classical world leading up to mediaeval times, and encompasses the Renaissance at the end. Geographically it crosses the Old World from Europe to Asia and Africa, having a general interest in the Age of the Stirrup wherever it occurs.

The FMSS-ROM invites scholars to submit proposals for papers to be given at this symposium. The deadline is JANUARY 15th 2012, and the proposals should eventually comprise a single page comprising your name, contact address, affiliation, and an abstract of the paper; but if you are pressed for time a title and a rough idea what you want to speak about may get you a spot. Proposed papers can deal with any subject in the broad remit of the FMSS-ROM. The subject need not be an object or collection at the ROM. Presentations cannot be longer than 30 minutes in length.

The Symposium papers will be presented on SATURDAY, 24TH MARCH, 2012 in the ROM Eaton Theatre, 100 Queen’s Park Crescent, Toronto. The event will take place from 9:30am to 5pm. The format is usually two speakers separated by breaks and lunch, for which lunch and refreshments are provided.

Participation in the symposium is free to speakers and those accompanying them, and professional mediaevalists (faculty and graduate students). Entry fee for the public is typically around $70, and will be used entirely to support the event, with any surplus going to support mediaeval-themed programming at the ROM. We can support travel costs of some speakers, but the event is chiefly aimed at raising funds for public programming towards the FMSS objectives.

All paper proposals and enquiries should be sent to Robert Mason at email hidden; JavaScript is required.