Happy New Year 2012!

We wish everyone an excellent New Year!

2011 was a good year for the Centre with many exciting events and nine students completing their dissertations. Congratulations to Drs. Adam Bishop, Susannah Brower, John Geck, Victoria Goddard, Giselle Gos, Ryan Greenwood, Peter Hartman, Andrew Hicks, and Laura Mitchell!

2012 is off to a promising start. We are looking forward to many fruitful exchanges with Henrietta Leyser, our CMS/PIMS Distinguished Visiting Scholar, and to the 33rd Medieval Colloquium of the Centre in March. Stay tuned for many other upcoming events, such as the Annual Chaucer Conference in April. This year’s meeting will be in honour of Richard Firth Green (Ohio State University), a CMS alumnus. And last but not least we are looking forward to the 14th International Congress of Medieval Canon Law in August.