Asteroid named after CMS alumnus Randall Rosenfeld

CMS alumnus Randall Rosenfeld has received a special honour – no doubt a first for a CMS alumnus: he had an asteroid named after him. Information on asteroid (283990) Randallrosenfeld, first discovered in September 2004, is most easily found on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s site. The asteroid is also announced on the website of the IAU’s Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (see the last page of this document).

Randall Rosenfeld is the national archivist of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. He has created a first-class archive that provides an insight on the development of Canadian astronomy in the last century, and has brought old but valuable observing records to light.

Randall has also just won the 2012 Simon Newcomb Award of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for excellence in astronomical writing. Congratulations!!

Canada Chaucer Seminar 2012

The 4th Annual Canada Chaucer Seminar is pleased to present a special two-day gathering in honour of Richard Firth Green, taking place at the University of Toronto, April 27–28, 2012.

Truth and Tales: Medieval Popular Culture and the Written Word

Keynote speakers will be Richard Firth Green (Ohio State), Barbara Hanawalt (Ohio State), and Andrew Taylor (Ottawa).

Other speakers include Thomas Hahn (Rochester), Michael Johnston (Purdue), Kathleen Kennedy (Penn State Brandywine), Lisa Kiser (Ohio State), Rachel Koopmans (York), Robyn Malo (Purdue), Alastair Minnis (Yale), William Robins (Toronto), Fiona Somerset (Duke), M.J. Toswell (Western Ontario), Michael Van Dussen (McGill), Nicholas Watson (Harvard), Karen Winstead (Ohio State), and Stephen Yeager (Wayne St).

All sessions will take place at the Centre for Medieval Studies, 125 Queen’s Park, 3rd Floor.

For the full program, please visit

For further information, contact Prof. William Robins.