Dr. Erin Goeres coming to CMS as a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow

We are very pleased that Dr. Erin Goeres, who is currently a Lecturer in English at St. Anne’s and Magdalen Colleges in Oxford, will come to CMS as a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow for two years, starting this Fall.

At CMS, Dr. Goeres will work on a project entitled ‘Writing Anglo-Norman England in Medieval Scandinavia’. The project investigates the cultural repercussions of the Norman Conquest of England in medieval Scandinavian literature. Challenging prevailing views of the Norman Conquest as the end of Scandinavian involvement in England, the project will demonstrate that the desire to acquire both the territory and the literary culture of post-Conquest England lives on in Scandinavian texts dating from well into the thirteenth century. She hopes that the project will give us new insight into the surprisingly multilingual, multinational environment of cultural exchange that arose in north-western Europe as Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Scandinavian cultures collided in the two centuries after the Conquest.

The Canadian government has recently created the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme with the intention to attract top Canadian and international postdoctoral fellows to Canadian research institutions. Dr. Goeres is the first Banting Fellow at CMS.

CMS at Leeds

Meet CMS faculty and students at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 9-12 July! And don’t miss the following papers:

  • Jayna Brett: How to (Not) Perform an Abortion: Language, Loopholes, and Abortifacients in Early Medieval Pharmacy
  • Susannah Brower: Ovidian Persona and the Spectre of Social Control in the Poetry of Baudri of Bourgueil
  • Isabelle Cochelin: Who’s Speaking?: Issue of the Authoritative Voice in Pre-12th-Century Customaries
  • Corinne Denoyelle: Les dialogues politiques dans Perceforest
  • Claude Evans: St Vincent Ferrer’s 1418-1419 Sermons in Brittany: Faith, Perseverance, and the Last Judgment
  • Jennifer Kostoff-Käärd: The Glossa Ordinaria on Ecclesiastes: Codicological and Cosmological Findings
  • Fabienne Michelet: Dreams of Belonging: Dislocation and Communal Joy in Old English Poetry
  • Bert Roest: Rules and House Constitutions in Late Medieval Clarissan Houses
  • Tristan Sharp: Disguising the Law: Gratian as Florilegium in Bernard Ayglier’s Speculum monachorum
  • Anna Wilson: Keeping Up Appearances: Negotiating Necrophilia in Petrarch’s Rerum Familiarum Libri

Session in Honour of Ann Dooley at the 2012 Meeting of the Canadian Society of Medievalists

A session in honour of Ann Dooley will be held at the upcoming meeting of the Canadian Society of Medievalists (Wilfried Laurier University, Waterloo, ON, May 27-29). The session on Monday, May 28, is organized by CMS alumnae Giselle Gos and Joanne Findon. For more details see the program of the meeting.

Current CMS students and alumni are well represented at this year’s CSM meeting, so don’t miss out on it!

Suzanne Akbari and Lawrin Armstrong win SSHRC Insight Grants

We congratulate Suzanne Akbari and Lawrin Armstrong for each securing a SSHRC Insight Grants in support of their research. Well done! Suzanne Akbari’s project is entitled “Universal Histories and the Poetic Narration of the Past, 1100-1450”; Lawrin Armstrong will do research on “The Organic Intellectuals of Early Renaissance Florence”.

CMS faculty and staff honoured for service

Congratulations to Grace Desa, Catherine Monahan, and David Townsend, on having passed the 25-year service threshold at the U of T, and to Rosemary Beattie, on having passed the 40-year threshold just before her retirement on April 30th.  The years of dedicated service are a crucial component of CMS’s success and were warmly acknowledged by President David Naylor at a ceremony held at the Faculty of Music on the 8th of May.  Congratulations also to Grace, on the birth of her first grandchild, Liliana, born at 4:05 on the morning of Saturday, May 12th, 7.27 lbs. (and growing).

CMS at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo

The Centre for Medieval Studies has seventeen speakers at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo (May 10-13, 2012). The speakers are:

  • Alice Hutton: The Prelapsarian State in the Theology of the School of Laon
  • Adam S. Cohen: Edgar’s Thigh and Benedict’s Knees: The Reforming Body in Anglo-Saxon Art
  • Tristan Sharp: Perfect Virgins and Suicidal Maniacs: Monks in Early Thirteenth-Century Pastoralia
  • Stephen Pelle: The Otho Homilies: Extracts from a Lost Early Middle English Manuscript
  • Shaun Lalonde: Brunetto Latini as Theorist of Rhymes
  • Chris Piuma: De catervis ceteris
  • William Robins: Minstrel Solidarity in Florence
  • Christopher Berard: The Once and Future Arthurian: Edward III and the Feast of Saint George, 1358
  • Morris Tichenor: Panel Transition and Narrative Sequencing in Anticlaudianus, the Comic Book
  • Caroline Smith: Righteous Persecution No More? The Judicial Understanding of Inquisitorial Office in Nicolau Eimeric’s Directorium inquisitorum
  • Jayna Brett: Animal-Derived Medicines in Early Medieval Pharmacy
  • Michael D. Barbezat: In a Corporeal Flame: The Development of the Materiality of Hellfire before the Resurrection in Western Eschatology
  • Amanda Wetmore: Riddles and Charms: Performance and Sacramental Theology in The Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale
  • Claude Evans: Towards a Rewriting of the Beginnings of the Cistercian Order in Brittany
  • Susannah G. Brower: Ovidian Persona and the Specter of Social Control in the Poetry of Baudri of Bourgueil
  • Daniel Jamison: Lucca’s Gabella Maggiore: A Fortuitous Window into an Urban Economy
  • Jill Caskey: San Gennaro and Friends: Performing Relics and Patronage in Southern Italy during the Later Middle Ages
Other students and faculty are involved in workshops, round-table discussions, and as presiders: Andrew Dunning, Michael Gervers, Alexandra Johnston, Antonette diPaolo Healey, David Klausner, Jenny Kostoff-Kaard, Linda Safran, and Sean Winslow.
Don’t miss the CMS/UTP reception on Thursday evening (May 10)! CMS Director John Magee is looking forward to meeting you there.