CMS at Leeds

Meet CMS faculty and students at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 9-12 July! And don’t miss the following papers:

  • Jayna Brett: How to (Not) Perform an Abortion: Language, Loopholes, and Abortifacients in Early Medieval Pharmacy
  • Susannah Brower: Ovidian Persona and the Spectre of Social Control in the Poetry of Baudri of Bourgueil
  • Isabelle Cochelin: Who’s Speaking?: Issue of the Authoritative Voice in Pre-12th-Century Customaries
  • Corinne Denoyelle: Les dialogues politiques dans Perceforest
  • Claude Evans: St Vincent Ferrer’s 1418-1419 Sermons in Brittany: Faith, Perseverance, and the Last Judgment
  • Jennifer Kostoff-Käärd: The Glossa Ordinaria on Ecclesiastes: Codicological and Cosmological Findings
  • Fabienne Michelet: Dreams of Belonging: Dislocation and Communal Joy in Old English Poetry
  • Bert Roest: Rules and House Constitutions in Late Medieval Clarissan Houses
  • Tristan Sharp: Disguising the Law: Gratian as Florilegium in Bernard Ayglier’s Speculum monachorum
  • Anna Wilson: Keeping Up Appearances: Negotiating Necrophilia in Petrarch’s Rerum Familiarum Libri