Christopher Laurentii of Stockholm: Sermones, Disputatio in vesperiis et Recommendatio in aula

This volume presents seven samples of academic preaching and exercises written and delivered by Christopherus Laurentii of Stockholm in the years 1435 to 1438. Christopherus left Sweden and studied at the Universities of Erfurt and Rostock, where he was made magister artium, before matriculating in the spring of 1426 as student of theology at the University of Leipzig, from which he graduated in 1438 as Master of Theology. Part of the requirements for earning a degree in theology, the five sermons were preached at various religious occasions and feasts—Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday, for example—and the exercises, the so-called disputatio in vesperiis and the recommendatio in aula, were delivered in connection with Christopherus’s promotion to the mastership in theology.

The book is available here.