Freiburg-Toronto Graduate Workshop: Integrating Bodies of Knowledge

The graduate colloquium Integrating Bodies of Knowledge (October 4-6, 2012) is a joint initiative of the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Mittelalterzentrum of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

Graduate students from both Toronto and Freiburg will present their work as part of a three-day-long exchange of ideas and methods. Each paper will also have a respondent, a specialist chosen from among the faculty of the partner institution, to offer insight and direct discussion.

Participants will include: Marieke Abram, Pia Eckhart, Bent Gebert, Vanina Kopp, Luciano Micali, Giacomo Signore, Christopher Miller, Daniel Price, Kirsty Schut, Tristan Sharp, Morris Tichenor, Simona Vucu, Alexander Andrée, Peter King, Dorothea Kullmann, Mark Meyerson, Martin Pickavé, Markus Stock, Christian Berger, Nadja Germann, Felix Heinzer, Nikolaus Henkel, and Maarten Hoenen.

The event is free and open to the public. No registration required. For more information and the program see here.

Welcome to the New Academic Year 2012-13

The Centre for Medieval Studies welcomes everyone to a new academic year. A special welcome to our new MA and PhD students. We have 13 new MA students this year and 7 students entering the PhD class. I hope everyone will have a chance to meet them as soon as possible. Here is a list of the new students

MA students:

  • Stephanie A. Azzarello BA (Toronto): History of Art, Illuminated Musical Manuscripts, and Female Monasticism
  • Alex Bauer BA (Toronto): Old English, Comparative Literature
  • Lochin Brouillard BA (McGill): Gender and Cultural History
  • Jason Brown BA (Manitoba): Medieval Kingship and Old English Literature
  • Robert Cutrer BA (Georgetown College), MA (University of Iceland): Old English & Old Norse literature
  • Ryan Hall BA (UCLA): Old English, Old Norse, Literary Theory
  • Benjamin Hosios BAH (Queen’s): Old English Literature, Medieval Cookery and Violence as Entertainment
  • Anastasia Ikonnikova BA (Toronto): Later Medieval History and Latin Literature in Northern Europe
  • Samuel Klumpenhouwer BA (Toronto): Ecclesiastical History, esp. Mendicant Orders
  • Kian Sleggs BA (Queen’s): Early Medieval and Late Antique History, Economic History, Numismatics
  • Bogdan Smarandache BA (Montreal), MPhil (Cambridge): Frankish-Muslim Relations during the Crusades
  • Carol Witt BA (Toronto): Vernacular Languages and Literature, esp. Middle Welsh
  • Kristyna Zemanova BA (UBC): Early Medieval Art History, esp. 9th-13th Rotunda Architecture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

New PhD students:

  • Eb Joseph Daniels BA (Emory), MA (Toronto): Early Venetian Political Development
  • Leah Faibisoff BA (Arizona State), MA (Toronto): Reading, Knowing, Writing and Collecting; Rhetoric, Dialectic and Grammar in Pedagogy; 14th-Century Venetian Notarial Culture
  • Elaina Lysack BA (Manitoba), MA (Toronto): Religious History, Devotional Literature, Orthodoxy and Heresy
  • Matthew Mattingly BA (Indiana), MA (Saint Meinrad), MA (Toronto):  Monasticism and Manuscript Studies
  • Sarah Reeser BA (Chicago), MA (Toronto): History and Ritual of Pilgrimage
  • Kirsty Schut BA (Carleton), MA (Toronto): Intellectual History, Particularly 13th-Century Theories of Light and the Development of the University of Oxford
  • Kyla Turner BA (Simon Fraser), MA (Toronto): 14th-Century English Literature, Legal History

Andy Orchard and Alison Keith New Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to Andy Orchard and to Alison Keith! They have just been made Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, Canada’s most important scholarly association. The Royal Society of Canada was founded in 1882 and its aim is “to recognize scholarly, research and artistic excellence, to advise governments and organizations, and to promote a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada and with other national academies around the world”. Andy and Alison join 15 other UofT faculty who have been awarded this honour. For the official UofT announcement see here.