Welcome to the New Academic Year 2012-13

The Centre for Medieval Studies welcomes everyone to a new academic year. A special welcome to our new MA and PhD students. We have 13 new MA students this year and 7 students entering the PhD class. I hope everyone will have a chance to meet them as soon as possible. Here is a list of the new students

MA students:

  • Stephanie A. Azzarello BA (Toronto): History of Art, Illuminated Musical Manuscripts, and Female Monasticism
  • Alex Bauer BA (Toronto): Old English, Comparative Literature
  • Lochin Brouillard BA (McGill): Gender and Cultural History
  • Jason Brown BA (Manitoba): Medieval Kingship and Old English Literature
  • Robert Cutrer BA (Georgetown College), MA (University of Iceland): Old English & Old Norse literature
  • Ryan Hall BA (UCLA): Old English, Old Norse, Literary Theory
  • Benjamin Hosios BAH (Queen’s): Old English Literature, Medieval Cookery and Violence as Entertainment
  • Anastasia Ikonnikova BA (Toronto): Later Medieval History and Latin Literature in Northern Europe
  • Samuel Klumpenhouwer BA (Toronto): Ecclesiastical History, esp. Mendicant Orders
  • Kian Sleggs BA (Queen’s): Early Medieval and Late Antique History, Economic History, Numismatics
  • Bogdan Smarandache BA (Montreal), MPhil (Cambridge): Frankish-Muslim Relations during the Crusades
  • Carol Witt BA (Toronto): Vernacular Languages and Literature, esp. Middle Welsh
  • Kristyna Zemanova BA (UBC): Early Medieval Art History, esp. 9th-13th Rotunda Architecture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

New PhD students:

  • Eb Joseph Daniels BA (Emory), MA (Toronto): Early Venetian Political Development
  • Leah Faibisoff BA (Arizona State), MA (Toronto): Reading, Knowing, Writing and Collecting; Rhetoric, Dialectic and Grammar in Pedagogy; 14th-Century Venetian Notarial Culture
  • Elaina Lysack BA (Manitoba), MA (Toronto): Religious History, Devotional Literature, Orthodoxy and Heresy
  • Matthew Mattingly BA (Indiana), MA (Saint Meinrad), MA (Toronto):  Monasticism and Manuscript Studies
  • Sarah Reeser BA (Chicago), MA (Toronto): History and Ritual of Pilgrimage
  • Kirsty Schut BA (Carleton), MA (Toronto): Intellectual History, Particularly 13th-Century Theories of Light and the Development of the University of Oxford
  • Kyla Turner BA (Simon Fraser), MA (Toronto): 14th-Century English Literature, Legal History