CMS Alumni Lecture 2012: Lucy Pick (University of Chicago)

The Centre is starting a new annual lecture series, which will draw on our impressive group of alumni. The inaugural speaker will be Dr. Lucy Pick from the University of Chicago, who will speak to us on Thurday, October 25, at 4pm. Her talk is entitled “The Politics of Virginity in the Kingdom of León”.

Dr. Lucy Pick (PhD 1995) is a historian of medieval religious thought and practice. Her current research and teaching interests include the relationships between gender and religion, connections between historical writing and theology, the development of monastic thought and practice, reading and writing as spiritual exercises, and the ways in which religion shapes lives through ritual. Her book, Conflict and Coexistence: Archbishop Rodrigo and the Muslims and Jews of Thirteenth-Century Spain, discusses Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations in thirteenth-century Toledo by making connections between the political theology, historical and polemical writings, scholarly patronage, and politics of Archbishop Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada (1209-1247) and shows how majority groups define themselves by framing and reframing discourses about minority theological competitors. Dr. Pick is currently working on a monograph studying the intersection of gender, politics, and religion in the Middle Ages by examining the careers of royal women in early medieval Spain, especially their role as consecrated virgins, to discover in what their power consisted, from where it was derived, and how it was represented.