New Book by CMS Alumnus Jon Robinson

Hot off the press (and just in time for Christmas): Jon Robinson’s (PhD 2010) book on William of Ockham’s Early Theory of Property Rights. The book is a revised version of Jon’s dissertation. Congratulations, Jon!!

“William of Ockham’s (ca. 1288-1347) Opus nonaginta dierum has long been of interest to historians for his theory of rights. Yet the results of this interest has been uneven because most studies do not take sufficient account of the defences of Franciscan poverty already articulated by his fellow Franciscans, Bonagratia of Bergamo, Michael of Cesena, and Francis of Marchia. This book therefore presents and analyzes Ockham’s account of property rights alongside those of his confreres. This contextualization of Ockham’s theory corrects many misconceptions about his theory of property, natural law, and natural rights, and therefore also provides a new foundation for studies of his political oeuvre, intellectual development, and significance as a political theorist.”