Bert Roest’s new book on the Poor Clares

Congratulations to Bert Roest for the publication of his new book! Here’s an excerpt from the book description: “In Order and Disorder: The Poor Clares between Foundation and Reform, Bert Roest provides an up-to-date and comprehensive history of the Poor Clares from their early beginnings until the sixteenth century. With recourse to the available secondary literature and a wealth of primary sources, this book shows how the early history of the Poor Clares cannot be reduced to Franciscan initiatives, and that the institutionalization of the order was characterized by prolonged conflicts and a series of important papal interventions. The work also provides insight in the expansion of the order, the complexities of religious reforms, and the significant cultural production of the women involved.”

Morris Tichenor wins ISHR Research Fellowship

Congratulation to Morris Tichenor who has just been awarded a Research Fellowship of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric. He is using this fellowship to conduct a three month tour of European libraries to complete a study of the mutili tradition of Cicero’s Orator for his disseration “Cicero’s Orator ad M. Brutum in its Medieval and Early Renaissance Commentary Tradition”. Well done, Morris!

CMS and DOE receive major donations

The Centre for Medieval Studies and the Dictionary of Old English are very grateful for the major donations they have recently received. Thanks to a $500,000 donation from the Honourable Hal Jackman on behalf of his wife, Maruja, the Dictionary of Old English is one step closer to completing its goal of identifying and defining every word in the English language as it was written from CE 600-1150. For more on this generous gift see here.

Moreover, Professor Norman Zacour has designated the Centre for Medieval Studies as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy to establish the Norman Zacour Graduate Scholarship in Medieval Studies. This scholarship will be awarded to one or more CMS graduate students based on academic excellence, with preference given to international students. Professor Zacour is a member of the founding generation of the Centre for Medieval Studies and a former director thereof. He is the author of several books on the history of the Crusades.

Last but not least, Professor Arthur George Rigg continues his steadfast support of the Centre for Medieval Studies with a significant bequest intention. Professor Rigg is a renowned Medievalist and longstanding member of the Centre who already has the A.G. Rigg/Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Medieval Studies and the George Rigg Visitorship in Medieval Latin established in his honour.

CMS Alumn James Ginther Wins Mellon Grant for Digital Humanities

Congratulations to James Ginther (PhD 1995) for winning a $933,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation. This news even made it into the St. Louis Business Journal! Go medievalists!!

Jim is a Professor of Medieval Theology and the Director of the Center for Digital Theology at St. Louis University. According to the article in the SLBJ the funds “will be used to finance the development and implementation of web-based software [called T-PEN] used for editing scholarly works. About $350,000 of the grant will fund five editing projects that will test the software.”