CMS at the 2013 International Medieval Congress in Leeds

The Centre for Medieval Studies has nine speakers in the 2013 Medieval Academy of America Meeting in Leeds (July 1-4, 2013). The speakers this year are:

  • Robert Cutrer:The Liminality of Outlawry
  • Michael Gervers: Chair of: The ChartEx Project: Exploring Spatial Locations in Medieval Charters
  • Daniel Jamison:Choice: Spices and Dyes in Late Medieval Lucca
  • Kristen Mills: Gesture and Emotion in Hroðgar’s Farewell to Beowulf
  • Peter Johnsson: Tibi Radegundis: Locating an Empowered Female Voice in the Verse Epistle De excidio Thuringiae of St Radegund
  • Bert Roest: Observant Mission in Theory and Practice: From Reconquista to Conquest in the New World
  • Kirsty Schut, 13th-Century Views of the Beauty of Light
  • Robin Sutherland-Harris: People, Places, and Events in Charters: Exploring the Language of Charters within ChartEx
  • Anna Wilson: Classicizing Form, Classicizing Friendship: Petrarch and the Ars Dictaminis