CMS at the 2013 Medieval Academy of America Meeting

The Centre for Medieval Studies has five speakers in the 2013 Medieval Academy of America Meeting in Knoxville (April 4-6, 2013). The speakers this year are:

  • Amanda Wetmore:Sensual Salvation: Gender Differentiation and the Grotesque Body of Christ in Book Two of Hildegard’s Scivias
  • John H. Munro: How Golden Was the “Burgundian Golden Ave” in the Fifteenth-Century Low Countries? The Impact of Warfare Coinage Debasements, Taxation and Industrial Decline on the Living Standards of Urban Craftsmen
  • Suzanne Akbari: Marking Time: The Histoire ancienne jusqu’a cesar in the Lating Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • Kyla Turner: The Wife of Bath’s Labour: Alisoun’s Perverse Legal Knowledge
  • Gwendolyn Sheldon: Adam and Eve in the Saltair na Rann