Changes in CMS Leadership

With July 1 two changes in the CMS Leadership will take effect. Professor Suzanne Akbari will take over the directorship from Professor John Magee. Many thanks to John for his many years of service to CMS (in various administrative roles)! Moreover, Professor Isabelle Cochelin will start as the new PhD Coordinator. She follows Professor Jill Caskey. Also to you, Jill, many, many thanks!

Jill Caskey wins SSHRC Insight Grant

Congratulations to Jill Caskey on winning a SSHRC Insight Grant! The grant will support her research project entitled “Pilgrimage, the cult of saints, and patronage in the Kingdom of Sicily, ca. 1300” in the next five years. The study examines the artistic patronage of three cult sites, St Nicholas in Bari, St. Andrew in Amalfi, and St Januarius (the famed Gennaro) in Naples. It probes the ways in which the Angevin kings dealt with old, prestigious cults in southern Italy and supported the development of new ones.

Well done!! Good luck with this exciting project.

Ariella Elema wins Boyle Dissertation Prize

Congratulations to Ariella Elema who has just been awarded the Leonard Boyle Dissertation Prize of the Canadian Society of Medievalists for her dissertation “Trial by Battle in France and England”! This is great news. The runner-up was another former CMS student, Stephen Pelle with his dissertation “Continuity and Renewal in English Homiletic Eschatology, ca. 1150-1200”. Well done, both of you!

Jessica Henderson awarded a Weston Fellowship

Congratulations to Jessica Henderson who has just been awarded one of 16 inaugural Weston Fellowships. (Check here for the full announcement.) The Weston Fellowships have been established by the W. Garfield Weston Foundation and are Canada’s most prestigious awards dedicated to international experience at the doctoral level. Jessica will use her award to travel to the Bodleian Library, Oxford, U.K. to study the interaction between literature and folk medicine within late medieval miscellany manuscripts. Well done, Jessica!!