Konrad Eisenbichler wins the Flaiano International Prize for Italian Scholarship

Congratulations to Konrad Eisenbichler on winning the Flaiano International Prize for Italian Scholarship for his book The Sword and the Pen. Women, Politics, and Poetry in Sixteenth-Century Italy (Notre Dame University Press, 2012).

The various Premi Flaiano are among the most prestigious to be awarded in Italy. These awards are bestowed for outstanding achievement in cinema, theatre, radio/television, and literature. The awards ceremony will be broadcast on television from Italy on July 14th, 2013.

Prof. Eisenbichler is both the first University of Toronto recipient, as well as the first Canadian to win this esteemed award.

Update: See also the detailed report in the UofT Bulletin.

New Book by Suzanne Akbari

Congratulations to Suzanne Akbari and Karla Mallette, her coeditor, on the publication of “A Sea of Languages: Rethinking the Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History”!

From the publisher’s description: “Medieval European literature was once thought to have been isolationist in its nature, but recent scholarship has revealed the ways in which Spanish and Italian authors – including Cervantes and Marco Polo – were influenced by Arabic poetry, music, and philosophy.  A Sea of Languages brings together some of the most influential scholars working in Muslim-Christian-Jewish cultural communications today to discuss the convergence of the literary, social, and economic histories of the medieval Mediterranean. This volume takes as a starting point María Rosa Menocal’s groundbreaking work The Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History, a major catalyst in the reconsideration of prevailing assumptions regarding the insularity of medieval European literature. Reframing ongoing debates within literary studies in dynamic new ways, A Sea of Languages will become a critical resource and reference point for a new generation of scholars and students on the intersection of Arabic and European literature.”

For more information see here.