Welcome to our New Students!

The Centre for Medieval Studies welcomes everyone to a new academic year 2013-14. A special welcome to our new MA and PhD students. We have 30 new MA students this year and 9 students entering the PhD class. We hope everyone will have a chance to meet them as soon as possible. Here is a list of the new students.

MA students:

  • Julia Cadney, BA (Mount Allison): History and Classics
  • Benjamin Durham, BA (Ohio): Codicology and Palaeography
  • Tomas Flecker, BA (Toronto): Late Antiquity and Early Medieval
  • Adam Giancola, BA (Toronto): Legal History, Canon Law, Italian History, Jurisprudence
  • Sarah Giesbrecht, BA (York): Religious Art and Book History
  • Sara Giesler, BA (Nipissing): Medieval Church Art and Propaganda
  • Melanie Hurley, BA (Memorial): Old English literature
  • Elena Iourtaeva, BA (Toronto): Art and monasticism in medieval Rus’; cultural exchanges between Eastern and Western Europe; the rise of Muscovy
  • Elisabet Lindale, BA (Acadia): Late medieval England; the Wars of the Roses; social and gender history; material culture
  • Cornelis Malan, B Compt (South Africa), MA (Southern Evangelical Seminary): Classical metaphysics (and epistemology), philosophical theology
  • Caitlin Mans, BA (Flagler College): women and gender; religious communities; and mystics on the Continent between the 10 and 13th centuries
  • Katie Menendez, BHum (Carleton): Humanities and History
  • Kylee Nicholls, BA (Sydney): Medieval Studies and Asian Studies
  • Kari North, BA (UBC) – Focus on women, politics, crusades, and warfare in the Late Middle Ages
  • Heather Darling Pigat, BA (York): Material Culture; Medieval Manuscript Pigments
  • Caroline Purse, BA (Cambridge): Old English literature; Anglo-Saxon history and archaeology; Medieval French literature; Celtic history
  • Boaz Faraday Schuman, BA (Calgary): scholastic metaphysics and philosophy of mind, especially in the thought of Duns Scotus and his pupil Franciscus de Mayronis; and Old English biblical paraphrases and saints’ lives
  • Terri Sanderson, BA (Dalhousie) BA (Ottawa): medieval cosmology, Old English literature
  • Marianna Stell, BA (Baylor): Art History and English Literature
  • Cameron Wachowich, BA (Toronto), MA (National University of Ireland, Galway): Insular medieval vernaculars, especially Irish; text editing and translation; reception studies; historiography
  • Julia Warnes, BA (Ottawa), MA (National University of Ireland, Galway): Late Antique private letter collections
  • Hannah Weaver, BA (Boston): French Romance, Chaucer, and Rhetoric
  • David Welch, BA (Baylor): Old and Middle English literature and medieval exegesis
  • Sarah White, BA (Victoria): Canon and Common Law in England, Document Studies
  • Sarah Wilk, BA (Lethbridge): Late Medieval Warfare, Chivalry, Masculinity
  • Dylan Wilkerson, BA (UCLA): English Literature and Scandinavian Literature

New PhD students:

  • Alex Bauer, BA, MA (Toronto): Old English, Comparative Literature
  • Lochin Brouillard, BA (McGill), MA (Toronto): Gender and Cultural History
  • Jason Brown, BA (Manitoba), MA (Toronto): Medieval Kingship and Old English Literature
  • Michael Fatigati, BA (Biola), MA (Villanova): Later Medieval Latin philosophy and Classical Arabic philosophy
  • Ryan Hall, BA (UCLA), MA (Toronto): Old English, Old Norse, Literary Theory
  • Samuel Klumpenhouwer, BA, MA (Toronto): Ecclesiastical History, esp. Mendicant Orders
  • Francesco Pica, MA and PhD (Antonianum Pontifical University, Rome): Late Medieval Theology and Philosophy; Franciscan thought (thirteen-fourteen century); Metaphysics; ethics
  • Bridget Riley, BA (Catholic U.), MA (Toronto): Cult of Saints, pilgrimage, and miracle collections
  • Bogdan Smarandache, BA (Montreal), MPhil (Cambridge), MA (Toronto): Frankish-Muslim Relations during the Crusades