Work in Medieval Studies: Fall 2013

The new WIMS (Work in Medieval Studies Series) schedule for this Fall is out! Mark your calendars!

October 4
Daniel Jamison: Bell, Book, and Commune: Casting a Bell in Fourteenth-Century Tuscany

October 11
Alla Babushkina: The regimen sanitatis of Arnau of Villanova and its Catalan translation

October 18
Ben Wheaton: The purpose behind the composition of the poem In laudem sanctae Mariae by Venantius Fortunatus

October 25
Kirsty Schut: Storms, statutes, and what to do if you have too many sheep: non-theological questions in the quodlibeta of John of Naples

November 1
Jake WakelinHistoriaGeschichte, and the Koelhoff Chronicle

November 8
Boaz Schuman: The Devil We Know: Franciscus de Mayronis and Deception of the Senses

November 22
Cameron WachowichFuaigh an ceann ris an méidhe:  a hitherto inedited text of the Ulster Cycle

November 29
Daniel Price: Fitting a Square Saint into a Round Vita: Eugippius and the writing of the sixth-century Vita Severini

All presentations start at 3 pm. The presentations will take place in the Great Hall (Lillian Massey Building), and from Nov. 8 onwards in room 310. Check also the posters in CMS.

WIMS is CMS’s graduate lecture and workshop series, a venue for the graduate students of CMS to develop our professional presentation skills and respond to each other’s ideas, sharing works in progress in an informal but constructive forum.

For inquiries get in touch with Eb Daniels.