Work in Medieval Studies: Winter 2014

The new WIMS (Work in Medieval Studies) schedule for this Winter is out! Mark your calendars!

January 10
Vanina Kopp: The Game of Love: Literary Pastime and the Performance of Poetic Competitions at the French Court: A Talk followed by a Game

January 17
Sarah White: Excommunication and its Effects in Thirteenth-Century England
(This talk will be in the Great Hall)

January 24
Sarah Wilk: ‘They’re Men, Manly Men! They’re Men on Crusade:’ Masculinity in Two Baltic Chronicles

January 31
Jessica Lockhart: ‘Actin’ Funny but I Don’t Know Why:’ Enigmatic Wonder and the Post-Symphosian Riddle Collections

February 7
Ben Durham: Streamlining the Exultet: Reorganization of a Twelfth-Century Lectionary at the University of Toronto

February 14
Jason Brown: Clerical Continence in Western Canon Law: An Unbroken Tradition?

February 21
Reading Week

February 28
William van Geest: Johannes Ciconia’s Nova musica and the Medieval Grammar Tradition

March 7
Bogdan Smarandache: ‘They Speak only Frankish’ Usāma ibn Munqidh’s Observations on the Language Barrier during the Crusades

March 14
Lochin Brouillard: The Obazine Experiment: Women, Children and their Father in the Vita S. Stephani Obazinensis

March 21
Ainoa Castro: The “Making of” a Diplomatic Codex: Beta Versions 1 to 5

March 28
David Welch: Elements of the Exegetical Tradition in the Old English Genesis: Catechesis and the Open Canon

April 4
Caroline Smith: ‘You Will Receive So Many Stab Wounds Here’ – The Role of the Cathedral Chapter in the 1331 Girona Holy Week Riot

All presentations start at 3 pm and are held in LI 310, unless noted otherwise. Check also the posters at the Centre.

WIMS is CMS’s graduate lecture and workshop series, a venue for the graduate students of CMS to develop our professional presentation skills and respond to each other’s ideas, sharing works in progress in an informal but constructive forum.

For inquiries get in touch with Eb Daniels.