Pre-Leeds/NCS Conference Paper Workshop

CMS students are running an informal Pre-Leeds/NCS Conference Paper Workshop on Thursday, June 26th, from 1pm-5pm in Room 310 of the Lillian Massey Building.  Medievalists will be presenting run-throughs and drafts of the papers they will be giving in a few days or weeks at the summer conferences of Leeds, Bucharest, NCS-Reykjavik, and elsewhere. This is a great opportunity to see what Toronto medievalists are working on, and to give helpful advice as they polish their papers before releasing them to the world.

Programme (tentative)

Panel 1: 1pm-2:20pm
1. Madeleine Getz, “The Why and Wherefore of Chanting the Divine Office: The Manuale de mysteriis ecclesiae of Peter of Roissy, Canon of Chartres c. 1200, and Its Sources”
2. Christopher Berard,
 “Hanc legem Arthurus inuenit: King Arthur in the ‘London Collection’ of the Laws of England.”
3. Bogdan Smarandache, “Symbolic Gestures of Violence in Frankish-Muslim Relations, 503-588 AH/1109-1192 AD.”

Panel 2: 2:30-3:50pm
4. Talia Zajac, “‘Intercede for the Peace and Unity of Holy Church’: the prayer-book of Gertrude of Poland, wife of Iziaslav Yaroslavich (c. 1075-1086) ” (Leeds)
5. Vanina Kopp, “The Lost French Royal Medieval Library. The Louvre Collection in the Hundred Year’s War.”
6. Eduardo Fabbro, ““Ob restaurationem regni: Paul the Deacon on Lombard kingship and the settlement of the Lombards.”
7. Sarah Reeser, “St. James Mata-Indios: Reconquista Rationales in the Conquest of Mexico and the Growth of the Spanish Empire”

Panel 3: 4pm-5pm
8. Bridget Riley, “The Cult of St. Frideswide: how an eighth-century princess became the patroness of twelfth-century canons.”
9. Kyla Turner, “Militant Edward?: Minot’s Portrayl of Edward III in Battle.”
10. Jessica Lockhart, “‘So ynly swete / So wonderful’: Puzzling Sweetness in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess” (5 minute roundtable paper)
11. Chris Piuma, “How to Read a Pseudotext: Recognizing and Reading the Texts of Pere Serra’s Altarpiece of the Virgin” (poster paper)

New Drafting Editors at the Dictionary of Old English

CMS is very glad to announce that two new assistant professors have been hired as Drafting Editors at the Dictionary of Old English – Robert Getz and Stephen Pelle. Both Rob and Steve will join the DOE team as of 1 July, working with the new Cameron Professor of Old English, Roy Liuzza. They bring to the job a deep knowledge of Old English language and literature, along with the training in medieval Latin and Germanic vernacular languages that CMS is known for: Rob Getz earned his PhD from Toronto in 2008, and Stephen Pelle in 2012, both working under the supervision of Andy Orchard. Rob and Stephen have a good working knowledge of the DOE, having served as Research Assistants there during their doctoral years at CMS under the supervision of Toni Healey. Finally, both have strong ties to the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, where Rob earned his LMS in 2012, and where Stephen is currently completing his LMS. Please welcome them as they participate in the renewal and strengthening of Old English studies at Toronto for the next generation!