Pre-Leeds/NCS Conference Paper Workshop

CMS students are running an informal Pre-Leeds/NCS Conference Paper Workshop on Thursday, June 26th, from 1pm-5pm in Room 310 of the Lillian Massey Building.  Medievalists will be presenting run-throughs and drafts of the papers they will be giving in a few days or weeks at the summer conferences of Leeds, Bucharest, NCS-Reykjavik, and elsewhere. This is a great opportunity to see what Toronto medievalists are working on, and to give helpful advice as they polish their papers before releasing them to the world.

Programme (tentative)

Panel 1: 1pm-2:20pm
1. Madeleine Getz, “The Why and Wherefore of Chanting the Divine Office: The Manuale de mysteriis ecclesiae of Peter of Roissy, Canon of Chartres c. 1200, and Its Sources”
2. Christopher Berard,
 “Hanc legem Arthurus inuenit: King Arthur in the ‘London Collection’ of the Laws of England.”
3. Bogdan Smarandache, “Symbolic Gestures of Violence in Frankish-Muslim Relations, 503-588 AH/1109-1192 AD.”

Panel 2: 2:30-3:50pm
4. Talia Zajac, “‘Intercede for the Peace and Unity of Holy Church’: the prayer-book of Gertrude of Poland, wife of Iziaslav Yaroslavich (c. 1075-1086) ” (Leeds)
5. Vanina Kopp, “The Lost French Royal Medieval Library. The Louvre Collection in the Hundred Year’s War.”
6. Eduardo Fabbro, ““Ob restaurationem regni: Paul the Deacon on Lombard kingship and the settlement of the Lombards.”
7. Sarah Reeser, “St. James Mata-Indios: Reconquista Rationales in the Conquest of Mexico and the Growth of the Spanish Empire”

Panel 3: 4pm-5pm
8. Bridget Riley, “The Cult of St. Frideswide: how an eighth-century princess became the patroness of twelfth-century canons.”
9. Kyla Turner, “Militant Edward?: Minot’s Portrayl of Edward III in Battle.”
10. Jessica Lockhart, “‘So ynly swete / So wonderful’: Puzzling Sweetness in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess” (5 minute roundtable paper)
11. Chris Piuma, “How to Read a Pseudotext: Recognizing and Reading the Texts of Pere Serra’s Altarpiece of the Virgin” (poster paper)