Welcome to our New Students!

The Centre for Medieval Studies welcomes everyone to a new academic year 2014-15. A special welcome to our new MA and PhD students. We have 25 new MA students this year and 14 students entering the PhD class. We hope everyone will have a chance to meet them as soon as possible. Here is a list of some of the new students.

MA students:

  • Eun Seon (Ludia) Bae, BA (York University): gender history, monastic communities in the High Middle Ages, and stained glass windows.”
  • Jonathan Brent, AM (University of Chicago), BA (Maryville College): Late Medieval England, Romance, Animal Studies
  • Mark Doerksen, BA (Hons.) (University of Saskatchewan): Anglo-Saxon Studies and Germanic Literature
  • David Foley, BA (Hons.) (University of Saskatchewan): St. Thomas Aquinas, Philosophical Theology, Rhetoric and Poetics
  • Anthony J. Fredette, BA (Fresno Pacific University): the expression of philosophical and theological themes in medieval literature, particularly in Boethius, the Lancelot-Grail Cycle, and Dante
  • Walker Horsfall, BA (University of Toronto): Medieval German vernacular literature; medieval esoteric religious movements and philosophies
  • Leonardo Lombardi, BA (McGill University): Political discourses, Government, and Law in Late Medieval Italy
  • Namiko Hitotsubashi,BA (Wheaton, MA): Old English history and literature, Old Norse Lit.
  • Matthew Monk, BA (University of Tennessee): Northern European economic and social history, material culture, medieval industry and trade, and textile and book production
  • Elizabeth Perfetto, BA (University of Toronto): English and French vernacular literature, food culture, medieval reception
  • Robert Smth, BA (University of Oxford), History. Interests: Early medieval, esp Carolingian, history; hagiography and political admonition
  • Angela Warner, BA (University of Kansas): troubadours, Cathars, emotional communities, emotional expression, medieval mystics, medieval medicine

New PhD students:

  • Benjamin Durham, BA (Ohio), MA (Toronto): Codicology and Palaeography
  • Boaz Faraday Schuman, BA (Calgary), MA (Toronto): scholastic metaphysics and philosophy of mind, especially in the thought of Duns Scotus and his pupil Franciscus de Mayronis; and Old English biblical paraphrases and saints’ lives
  • Caitlin E. M. Henderson, BA (Wilfrid Laurier University), MA (University of York): medicine; codicology and palaeography; Middle English
  • Terri Sanderson, BA (Dalhousie) BA (Ottawa), MA (Toronto): medieval cosmology, Old English literature
  • Cameron Wachowich, BA (Toronto), MA (National University of Ireland, Galway), MA (Toronto): Insular medieval vernaculars, especially Irish; text editing and translation; reception studies; historiography
  • Julia Warnes, BA (Ottawa), MA (National University of Ireland, Galway), MA (Toronto): Late Antique private letter collections
  • Sarah Wilk, BA (Lethbridge), MA (Toronto): Late Medieval Warfare, Chivalry, Masculinity
  • Dylan Wilkerson, BA (UCLA), MA (Toronto): English Literature and Scandinavian Literature