Associated Scholars

Name Field
Marjorie Boyle Theological method and biblical hermeneutics; medicine to 1650s; Augustine, Aquinas
Heather Coffey Medieval Mediterranean art and architecture, Islamic art and architecture, Italian Renaissance art and architecture
Mairi Cowan Medieval Scotland; early European voyages to North America; popular religion; pedagogy
Claude Evans
Medieval Brittany; Medieval England; Edition of Medieval Latin and French Charters; Cistercians and Premonstratensians in the Middle Ages
Linda Safran
Art and Identity in the Medieval Salento
Chester Scoville
Middle English theatre and literature
Harriet Sonne de Torrens Medieval art (esp. 12th and 13th c.) and iconography;  medieval studies in Scandinavia and Baltic region; baptismal fonts in the Latin West up to the 17th c.
Alain Stoclet
Early medieval history (religious, political, social, economic, cultural), with special emphasis on the early Carolingians and their contemporaries across Europe (Ireland, Anglo-Saxon and British England, Visigothic Spain, Italy) and around the Mediterranean (Byzantium, Caliphate of Baghdad). Kingship, c. 350-1200. The early medieval state. Diplomatics, codicology, palaeography, anthroponymy. Saint-Denis
Lori Walters Medieval manuscripts and early print culture; Christine de Pizan, le Roman de la Rose, and Chrétien de Troyes