The following list is incomplete, as some students have opted not to share their personal information.

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Name Interests
Alexandra (Lexi) Atiya
PhD Late medieval English drama; Iberian literature
Justin A. Arnwine
PhD East Syriac history and hagiography from 600–1100 CE
Alla Babushkina
Alexandra Bauer
PhD Depictions of witchcraft in late Anglo-Saxon homilies
Alessia Berardi
PhD Medieval exegesis; 12th-century Paris schools
Jonathan Brent
PhD Anglo-Norman; late medieval historiography; Middle English and French literature
Deanna Brook’s
PhD Old English religious education; 10-11th century intellectual culture; Carolingian and Old English textual transmission
Lochin Brouillard
PhD Monasticism; gender; the family; kinship; hagiography; female religious life
Samuel Cardwell
PhD Ideals of mission in north-western Europe c.400–1000
Nathan Chazan
MA Latin literature; literary reception; manuscript studies
Sr. Parousia Clemens
PhD Liturgical rites for medieval nuns
Amy Conwell
PhD Mental disorder; mysticism
Lisa Cruikshank
PhD Queenship and representation/self-representation; medievalisms (medieval women in modern media)
Brianna Daigneault
PhD Early Irish monasticism; Latin and Celtic language/linguistics; Insular literature; unicorn symbolism
Marian Daubioul
Benjamin George Durham
PhD Sermons of Peter Comestor; codicology and paleography; theology
Michael Fatigati
PhD Psychology in Greek, Latin, and Arabic philosophy, especially Avicenna’s views on emotions
Alicia Finan PhD
David Foley
PhD 12th-century cathedral schools (Paris); biblical theology and commentary; manuscript studies, textual criticism, and Latin philology
Anthony J. Fredette
PhD Boethian reception; the relationship between Latin commentary on the auctores and vernacular translation
Emma Gabe
PhD Lay sisters and brothers in late medieval German convents
Megan Gilge
Matthew Goodman
PhD Comparison of Old Norse and Latin historical sources; comparison of Old Norse Romance with Old French and Middle English Romance
Geoffrey J. Guth
PhD Medieval Spain; legal history
Ryan Hall
PhD Old English; translation theory
Cai E. M. Henderson
PhD Late medieval English literature and text technology; cognition and digitality; vernacular English medicine
Jessica Henderson
PhD 14th- and 15th-century English medical manuscripts; Middle English medical verse
Walker Horsfall
PhD Science and natural philosophy in medieval German vernacular literature
Lara Howerton
PhD Textiles in the medieval Mediterranean; networks of trade (esp. textiles and medical ingredients); material culture; digital humanities
Jared Johnson
PhD Changes to Latin during Carolingian period; early medieval education
Peter Johnsson
PhD Gender and sexuality in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, specifically different masculinities in Merovingian Gaul; early modern German historiography
Olena Karbach
PhD Codification of knowledge; manuscript studies; cultural history of Late Middle Ages
Sean Karnani-Stewart
PhD Epigraphy in Late Antique/Early Medieval Italy
Shirley Kinney
PhD Late Antique/early medieval medicine
Cameron Laird
PhD Anglo-Saxon riddle tradition; Anglo-Latin pedagogical poetry, prosody, and metrical treatises; early Anglo-Saxon glossaries; sources of Old English poetry
Lucas Marincak
PhD Medieval music
Mary Maschio
PhD Relations between Old French and Byzantine Greek literature
Jack McCart
MA Economic, social, and environmental history; late medieval mercantile cultures; species introduction
Dylan McConihay Wilkerson
PhD Latin and Old English glossography; reception of Latin literature in early medieval England; medieval multi-lingualism
Katie Menendez
PhD Exegesis and historiography in the early and high Middle Ages
Laura Moncion
PhD Women recluses in late medieval towns; gender history; mysticism; monasticism; historiography
Morgan E. Moore
PhD Middle English and Middle Welsh poetry and performance; book history and manuscript studies
Tadhg Morris
PhD Classical Gaelic bardic poetry; inauguration odes; late medieval Irish kingship
Matthew Orsag
PhD Legal and intellectual history; Lombard legal tradition; Lombard, Frankish, and Ottonian Italy
Francesco Pica
PhD Medieval philosophy; Latin textual criticism; John Duns Scotus; concepts; freedom
Eva Plesnik
PhD Latin Petrarchism and classical reception in the late medieval Holy Roman Empire
Sarah Reeser
PhD Geography, vision, and materiality in the late medieval and early modern Atlantic world.
Bridget Riley
PhD Cults of Saints, Pilgrimage, Miracle Accounts
Terri Sanderson
PhD Old English Literature; Medieval cosmology
Boaz Schuman
PhD Medieval philosophy of language; medieval terminist logic
John Simons
Lane Springer
PhD Irish monasticism on the continent; perigrinatio pro Christo; biblical commentaries; paleography and textual criticism
Stephanie Springolo
PhD Medieval Latin literature; sex and gender; literary criticism and critical theory; palaeography, codicology, and book history
Nora Thorburn
PhD 9th century medical/pharmaceutical knowledge/antidotes
Julia Tomlinson
PhD Economic history; popular religion; England, 1200-1500
Zinaida Uzdenskaya
PhD Portable objects, travelling subjects: Iconography of Canterbury pilgrim souvenirs and the development of the Pan-European visual language of medieval pilgrimage
Cameron Wachowich
PhD Medieval vernaculars, esp. Irish; Alexander legend; editing and editorial theory
Angela Warner
PhD Troubadour love lyric; emotions; medieval French and Occitan literature
Julia Warnes
PhD Carolingian intellectual history, early medieval education, the Irish on the continent (7-9th centuries)
Simon Whedbee
PhD Latin school commentaries; Ars Grammatica; pre-university education in Northern France
Dylan Wilkerson
PhD Old English, Old Norse, Latin
Hannah Wood
PhD Spiritual Franciscan thought in the Wycliffite corpus