Alexander Andrée

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Alexander Andrée is an Associate Professor of Medieval Studies (Palaeography and Medieval Latin). He received his BA and MA in Latin Philology from Lund University and his PhD from Stockholm University in Sweden. He has studied the medieval auxiliary sciences (palaeography, codicology, diplomatics, textual criticism and editorial technique) at the Vatican Library in Rome, and held research fellowships at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto and Harris Manchester College, Oxford. His research is primarily focussed on Medieval Latin philology and the manuscript culture of the high Middle Ages; on the teaching and literature of the schools in the early twelfth century; on medieval biblical exegesis, especially as pursued at the school of Laon and in the Glossa ordinaria and related commentaries. He also works on fifteenth-century academic sermons and disputations, and is one of the founding members of the international editorial research programme Ars edendi: A Laboratory of Editorial Philology. His teaching interests include palaeography, codicology, Medieval Latin language and literature, textual criticism, the history and study of the Bible in the Middle Ages. Among his publications are:

Anselmi Laudunensis Glosae super Iohannem, Corpus Christianorum. Continuatio mediaeualis, 267 (Turnhout, 2014)

Christopherus Laurentii de Holmis: Sermones, Disputatio in vesperiis et Recommendatio in aula. Academic Sermons and Exercises from the University of Leipzig, 1435-1438. Edition, Translation and Introduction, Runica et Mediaevalia, Editiones, 4 (Stockholm, 2012)

“Trinitarian Theology in Commentaries on the fourth Gospel from the School of Laon,” Archa verbi subsidia, 9, ed. F. Amerino (Aschendorff, 2013), pp. 93-110.

“Laon Revisited: Master Anselm and the Creation of a Theological School in the Twelfth Century,” Journal of Medieval Latin, 22 (2012), 257-281

“Anselm of Laon Unveiled: the Glosae super Iohannem and the Origins of the Glossa ordinaria on the Bible,” Mediaeval Studies, 73 (2011), 217-40

“From propheta plangens to rhetor divinus: Toward an Understanding of the Rhetorical Hermeneutics of Gilbert the Universal in his Gloss on Lamentations,” in Sapientia et Eloquentia: Meaning and Function in Liturgical Poetry, Music, Drama and Biblical Commentary in the Middle Ages, ed. by Nicolas Bell and Gunilla Iversen, Disputatio, 11 (Turnhout, 2009), pp. 115-46

“The Glossa ordinaria on the Gospel of John: A Preliminary Survey of the Manuscripts with a Presentation of the Text and its Sources,” Revue bénédictine, 118 (2008), 109-34 and 289-333

Gilbertus Universalis: Glossa ordinaria in Lamentationes Ieremie prophete. Prothemata et Liber I. A Critical Edition with an Introduction and a Translation, Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, Studia Latina Stockholmiensia, 52 (Stockholm, 2005)—available on the web through: