Suggestions for Research Travels

. Travel Grants Panel (Minutes from October 2016 Sources & Resources)

. List of travel grants that CMS students may be eligible for (please send your comments and suggestions to update it)

The Travel Grant Panel pages contain many tips regarding research travels. Here are two additional ones:

. Eduroam: fundamental when traveling.

Learn how to sign on Eduroam, so that whenever you are traveling and passing by a university, you can access the Wifi. For the username, use your utorid followed by (this is different from your email address!); password: your utorid password.

. Utorvpn: very useful when away from campus in order to use all the UofT resources and for a variety of other reasons.

You can also go to the UofT Help IC  desk on the ground floor of Robarts if you are too nervous to do it yourself.