Courses in 2016–17

Last updated:  8 June 2017

Preliminary List of Courses for 2017-18 (Subject to Change)

In addition to those offered by the Centre for Medieval Studies, students may enrol in courses offered by other departments relating to the Middle Ages. Approved courses from other departments are cross-listed below; other relevant courses not listed here may be taken in consultation with the Associate Director or the PhD Co-ordinator. NB: Course offerings are subject to change. All details concerning course offerings cross-listed from other departments should be checked with the relevant academic department as changes can occur which may not be reflected in our listing.

  • Staff indicates that the course is team-taught, or rotates among various faculty members.
  • Y and L indicate full-year courses.
  • F and S indicate half-year courses taught, respectively, in the fall and spring terms.
  • H indicates half-year courses.

To enrol in a course on ROSI, provide the course code in a format without spaces, and with an additional Y (for full-year courses) or H (for half courses), following the examples below:

  • MST 1000 Y: MST1000Y, section Y
  • MST 1101 F: MST1101H, section F

Please refer to the calendar of the School of Graduate Studies for information about regulations.

Centre for Medieval Studies

MST 1000Y
Medieval Latin I/ D. Townsend/S.Ghosh (M-F 1-2 pm; LI 301)
MST 1001Y
Medieval Latin II/ L. Armstrong (M-F 1-2 pm; LI 310)
MST 1002S
Advanced Latin: The Bible in the Medieval Schools/A Andrée (PR: Level Two Latin pass or MST 1001Y) (T 10-12; LI 310)
MST 1104F
Latin Palaeography I/ A. Andrée (PR: Level One Latin pass) (T 10-12; PIMS ‘L’)
MST 1015S
Medieval Representation of Sexual Dissidence/D. Townsend (T 10-12; LI 301)
MST 1115H (Sum)
English Palaeography/A. Gillespie (PR: Level One Latin pass or MST 1104H/MST 1105H, or permission of Instructor) (T,Th 2-5 pm; LI 310)
MST 1422S
Introduction to the Study of Medieval Magic in Middle Ages/J. Haines (Th.10-12; LI 310)
MST 2001F
Old Saxon/V. Pakis (Th. 2- 4 pm; LI 301)
MST 2010S
Old Norse/R. Getz (W. 2:30- 4:30 pm; RL 14284)
MST 2030Y
Old and Middle Irish/B. Miles (T 2-4 pm; 310)
MST 3015S
Introduction to Ge’ez/R. Holmstedt (MW 10-12; LI 301)
MST 3035F
Medieval Representations: Death, Sickness & Crime/Y. Iglesias (M 10-12; LI 301)
MST 3126S
The Apocalypse in Medieval English Literature/A. Walton (PR:Reading knowledge of Middle English) (Th 2-4 pm; LI 301)
MST 3140Y
Medieval Catalan Language and Literature/J. Ross (T 10 – 12; Comp. Lit. Seminar Room)
MST 3152F
Introduction to Old Occitan/D. Kullmann (W. 11-1; LI 301)
MST 3153S
Medieval Occitan Literature/D. Kullmann (W. 11-1; LI 103)
MST 3207S
Decretists and Decretalists/G. Silano (M. 2-4 pm; TF 200)
MST 3225F
Jews and Christians in Medieval and Renaissance Europe/M. Meyerson (W 3-5pm; LI 310)
MST 3235S
Communal Florence, 1150-1530/L. Armstrong (W 10-12; LI 310)
MST 3241S
Everyday Life in Medieval Europe/S. Ghosh (T 2-4; LI 301)
MST 3251F
The Merovingians/A. Murray (M 10-12; LI 310)
MST 3309S
Birth of the Will: Augustine and Anselm/P. King (M 2-4 pm; LI 310)
MST 3346F
Medieval Islamic Philosophy/D. Black (W 10-12; LI 310)
MST 3501F
Introduction to the Medieval Western Christian Liturgy/J. Haines (T 10–12; LI 310)
MST 9310F
Directed Reading/Staff
MST 9310S
Directed Reading/Staff
MST 9310Y
Directed Reading/Staff
MST 9315F
Directed Reading/Staff
MST 9315S
Directed Reading/Staff
MST 9315Y
Directed Reading/Staff

Cross-Listed Courses from Other Academic Units

Art History

FAH 1118F
The Medieval Treasury/J. Caskey (T 2 – 5 pm; SSH 6032)
FAH 1119S
Global Medieval Art in China/J. Purtle (M 2 – 5 pm; UC/TBA)

Book History and Print Culture (Collaborative Program)

BKS 1001F
Introduction to Book History
BKS 1002S
Book History in Practice
BKS 2000H
Advanced Seminar in Book History and Print Culture
BKS 2001H
Practicum in Book History and Print Culture

Classical Studies

Comparative Literature


ENG 1001F
Old English I/A. Walton (Th 3–6 pm; JHB 718)
ENG 1009Sum F
Writing the Nation: Pre-Modern Historiographies/S. Akbari (time and location: TBA)
ENG 1011S
Economies of Medieval Drama: East Anglia, Kent, Sussex/M. Sergi (M 1-3 pm; JHB 616)
ENG 1552F
Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde and Other Works/K. Gaston (Th 11-1  pm; JHB 718)
ENG 6362S
History and Structure of the English Language, post-1500/C. Percy (T 11-1 pm; JHB 616)

French Language and Literature

FRE 1164F
Initiation à l’ancien français/D. Kullmann (M 11-1 pm; AH 105)
FRE 1203F
Séminaire de littérature II: Périodes : Médiévalisme. Le Moyen Âge dans l’imaginaire français, de la Renaissance à nos jours/D. Kullmann (T 4-6 pm; TF 200)

Germanic Languages and Literatures

GER 6000F
Reading German for Graduate Students (T 3-5 pm; CR 403) (for CMS students limited to PhD students only)
GER 6000S
Reading German for Graduate Students (T 3-5 pm; CR 403) (for CMS students limited to PhD students only)


HIS 1221S
Topics in Early Modern European Social History/N. Terpstra (Th 4–6 pm; TBA)
HIS 1283F
Medieval Baltic/J. Kivimae (Th 5–7 pm; TBA)

Italian Studies

ITA 1736F
Law and Literature in Boccaccio’s Decameron/J. Steinberg (MWF 10-12; AH 402)

Joint Courses

Near and Middle Eastern Civilization

NMC 2100Y
Introductory Standard Arabic/AK Ali (MW 10-12, F 10-11 am; BF 215)
NMC 2101Y
Intermediate Standard Arabic I/AK Ali (MW 1-3 pm, F 12-1 pm; BF 215)
NMC 2102Y
Intermediate Standard Arabic II/AK Ali (TR 10-12, F 11-12; BF 215)
NMC 2103Y
Advanced Standard Arabic/AK Ali (TR 10-12; BF 215)
NMC 2345Y
The Steppe Frontier in Eurasian and Islamic History/V. Ostapchuk (T 6-8; BF 215)


Religious Studies

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Spanish and Portuguese

Toronto School of Theology

TRP 5105S
Advanced Topics in Medieval Liturgy/J. Billett (M 2-4 pm)

Location Key

Alumni Hall, 121 St Joseph Street
Birge–Carnegie Library, 75a Queen’s Park
Bancroft Building, 4 Bancroft Avenue
Comparative Literature Seminar Room, Isabel Bader Theatre 93 Charles Street West, 3rd floor
Carr Hall, 100 St Joseph Street
Music Library, Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen’s Park
Innis College, 2 Sussex Avenue
Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St George Street
PIMS Library, J.M. Kelly Library, 113 St Joseph Street, 4th floor
Gerald Larkin Building, 15 Devonshire Place
Lillian Massey Building, 125 Queen’s Park, 3rd floor (SE corner of Bloor Street & Queen’s Park)
Colin Friesen Room, Massey College, 4 Devonshire Place
Northrop Frye Hall, 73 Queen’s Park Crescent East
Odette Hall, 50 St Joseph Street
Pontifical Institute of Mediæval Studies (PIMS), 59 Queen’s Park Crescent East
E.J. Pratt Library, 71 Queen’s Park Crescent East
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, 120 St George Street
Robarts Library, Dictionary of Old English, Room 14284, 14th floor, 130 St George Street
Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St George Street
Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Avenue
Teefy Hall, 57 Queen’s Park Crescent East
University College, 12 King’s College Circle
Victoria College, 73 Queen’s Park Crescent East
Wilson Hall, New College, 40 Willcocks Street