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Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium Graduate Conference
12 February 2011
University of Toronto



Crises of Categorization

The work presented at this conference will interrogate Anglo-Saxon  systems of categorization, both as they appear within the literature  and historical documents of the period and in terms of modern popular and scholarly practices. In particular, the conference will explore points of cultural anxiety about and resistance towards hegemonic practices of categorization.

Peter Buchanan and Colleen Butler, conference organizers    TorontoASSC@gmail.com

Sponsored by: Centre for Medieval Studies, Department of English, Trinity College

For other ASSC events and for further updates on this conference, please visit the ASSC website at www.columbia.edu/cu/assc.



The Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium is a forum for scholars of early medieval England.  ASSC aims to foster intellectual exchange among faculty and graduate students whose interests embrace the language,  literature, and culture of early medieval England. Currently based in  Columbia, New York University, the University of Rhode Island, Rutgers, UC Berkeley, and King's College London, the Colloquium seeks  to expand the resources available to Anglo-Saxonists from these  universities and other institutions in the area, and also to create a  welcoming intellectual community for anyone who is interested in Anglo-Saxon studies.

ASSC's website: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/assc/

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