2019-20 Lectures and Conferences

(please email Grace Desa or Isabelle Cochelin for any corrections or additions)

Sept. 20-21: 2019 Toronto Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy (Jackman Humanities Building, Rm 100)

Sept. 20-22: International Conference “We are all servants” — The Diversity of Service in Premodern Europe (CMS)

Sept. 26: Barbara H. Rosenwein (Loyola Univ.), “Angry Words–Then and Now” (CMS, 4:10pm)

Oct. 3-5: Workshop Commenting & Commentary, The Historical Emergence of a Global Interpretive Mode. An Interdisciplinary Conference (CMS).

Oct. 4-5: Mediterranean Seminar Workshop Violence

Oct. 10: Jonathan Boulton (Visiting Fellow at PIMS and Professor Emeritus of History and Medieval Studies at Notre-Dame), “The Modern Myth of Medieval Chivalry” (PIMS, 4:10pm)

Oct. 11-12: Symposium Medieval Ethiopia: Second Symposium (CMS, NMC & AGO)

Oct. 16: Clelia Crialesi (Mellon Fellow), Boethius’ De arithmetica in the Early Middle Ages (9th–12th Century): An Introduction, PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Oct. 17: Karin Scheper (Univ. Leiden), Working with Islamic Manuscripts from a Western perspective to a neutral stance, and a new vocabulary, with response by Alberto Campagnol (University of Udine and the Ligatus Project)

Oct. 23: Kenneth Duggan (Mellon Fellow), Protecting Peasants from Punishment? A Preliminary Picture of Sanctuary in England, 1218–1294; PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Oct. 24: CMS eighth Alumni Lecture, Helen Solterer (Duke Univ.), “The Travail of Political Visionary Writing:  Christine de Pizan, Edith Thomas, and Other Humanists at Work” (CMS, 4:10pm)

Oct. 25: Omnia disce: A Celebration of Father Leonard E. Boyle, O.P. on the Twentieth Anniversary of his Death (Carr Hall)

Oct. 29: Friends of the PIMS Library Lecture, Rachel Koopmans (York Univ), “Demons, Blood, a Headless Man and Fancy Boots:  How Canterbury’s Glaziers Began the Story of Thomas Becket’s Miracle” (Alumni Hall Rm Room 100, 4pm)

Oct. 30: Lydia Walker (Mellon Fellow), Holy Women on the Home Front: The Construction of Female Sanctity in the Context of Thirteenth-Century Crusading Propaganda, PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

 Nov. 6: Shannon Wearing (Mellon Fellow), TBA (concerning the shaping of royal identity in Medieval Barcelona [1150-1213]), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Nov. 13: Arthur Westwell (Mellon Fellow), TBA (related to liturgical allegories and the transformation of Latin liturgy in the era of the Carolingians), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Nov. 14, 5pm: Brian Merrilees Lecture series, Christopher Baswell (Columbia Univ.), “Kings and Cripples: the absent monarch in the Lancelot Prose Cycle” (Victoria College)

Nov. 22, 4:10pm: W. John Bennett Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Robin Norris (Carleton Univ), “The Litany of the Saints and the Taxonomy of Sanctity in Anglo-Saxon England” (AH 100)

Dec. 12-14: Toronto-Cologne Colloquium (to be held this year in Cologne)

Jan. 10: Research group “The Other Sister”, Isabel Harvey (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, and ca’ Foscari, Venice), Tertiary Sisters and Revolted Friars: San Domenico Maggiore of Naples and the Tridentine Reform of Regular Orders (CMS 301, 3:10pm)

Jan. 16: Steven Bednarski (Univ. Waterloo): Environments of Change & Changing Environments: Digitizing the Middle Ages (CMS 301, 4:10pm)

Jan. 23: Anders Winroth (Yale Univ), TBA (CMS, 4:10pm)

Jan. 31-Feb. 1st: Medieval Women Workshop III (PIMS)

Feb. 20: François-Xavier Fauvelle (Collège de France), Africa and the global Middle Ages: broker states, articulated cities, ecological thresholds (CMS, 4:10pm)

March 5: O’Donnell lecture, Francesco Stella (Università Siena), The Latin Lives of Mohamed (AH TBA, 4:10pm)

March 12: Paul Saenger (Rare Books at the Newberry Library), “Jewish Confrontations with Christianity in the Middle Ages and the Origin of the Modern Mode of citing Sacred Scripture” (CMS, 4:10pm)

(tentative) March 19: Rigg Visitorship lecture, Mark Vessey (UBC), Title TBA (CMS, 4:10pm)

(tentative) March 27: Toronto Old English Colloquium (CMS)

(tentative) April 2 or April 3Charlotte Denoel (Bibliothèque nationale de France) and Isabelle Marchesin ( Institut national d’histoire de l’art), TBA on the Gellone Sacramentary (CMS, 4:10pm)

April 7: Étienne Gilson lecture, Willemien Otten (Univ. of Chicago), Title TBA (AH 400, 4:10pm)