2019-20 Lectures and Conferences

(please email Grace Desa or Isabelle Cochelin for any corrections or additions)

Sept. 20-21: 2019 Toronto Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy (Jackman Humanities Building, Rm 100)

Sept. 20-22: International Conference “We are all servants” — The Diversity of Service in Premodern Europe (CMS)

Sept. 26: Barbara H. Rosenwein (Loyola Univ.), “Angry Words–Then and Now” (CMS, 4:10pm)

Oct. 3-5: Workshop Commenting & Commentary, The Historical Emergence of a Global Interpretive Mode. An Interdisciplinary Conference (CMS).

Oct. 4-5: Mediterranean Seminar Workshop Violence

Oct. 10: Jonathan Boulton (Visiting Fellow at PIMS and Professor Emeritus of History and Medieval Studies at Notre-Dame), “The Modern Myth of Medieval Chivalry” (PIMS, 4:10pm)

Oct. 11-12: Symposium Medieval Ethiopia: Second Symposium (CMS, NMC & AGO)

Oct. 16: Clelia Crialesi (Mellon Fellow), TBA (regarding the development of arithmetical teaching and learning), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Oct. 17: Karin Scheper (Univ. Leiden), Working with Islamic Manuscripts from a Western perspective to a neutral stance, and a new vocabulary, with response by Alberto Campagnol (University of Udine and the Ligatus Project)

Oct. 23: Kenneth Duggan (Mellon Fellow), TBA (related to the perceptions, problems and usages of religious spaces for the protection of criminals in thirteenth-century England), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Oct. 24: CMS eighth Alumni Lecture, Helen Solterer (Duke Univ.), “The Travail of Political Visionary Writing:  Christine de Pizan, Edith Thomas, and Other Humanists at Work” (CMS, 4:10pm)

Oct. 25: Omnia disce: A Celebration of Father Leonard E. Boyle, O.P. on the Twentieth Anniversary of his Death (Carr Hall)

Oct. 29: Friends of the PIMS Library Lecture, Rachel Koopmans (York Univ), “Demons, Blood, a Headless Man and Fancy Boots:  How Canterbury’s Glaziers Began the Story of Thomas Becket’s Miracle” (Alumni Hall Rm Room 100, 4pm)

Oct. 30: Lydia Walker (Mellon Fellow), TBA (related to the role of holy women in embodying and transmitting the messages of Holy War in Liège, Flanders and the Levant in the 13th and 14th cent.), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

 Nov. 6: Shannon Wearing (Mellon Fellow), TBA (concerning the shaping of royal identity in Medieval Barcelona [1150-1213]), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Nov. 13: Arthur Westwell (Mellon Fellow), TBA (related to liturgical allegories and the transformation of Latin liturgy in the era of the Carolingians), PIMS Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (PIMS, Rm A, 5pm-7pm)

Nov. 14, 5pm: Brian Merrilees Lecture series, Christopher Baswell (Columbia Univ.), “Kings and Cripples: the absent monarch in the Lancelot Prose Cycle” (Victoria College)

Nov. 22, 4:10pm: W. John Bennett Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Robin Norris (Carleton Univ), “The Litany of the Saints and the Taxonomy of Sanctity in Anglo-Saxon England” (AH 100)

Dec. 12-14: Toronto-Cologne Colloquium (to be held this year in Cologne)

Jan 23: Anders Winroth (Yale Univ), TBA (CMS, 4:10pm)

Jan 31-Feb 1st: Medieval Women Workshop III (PIMS)

Feb. 20: François-Xavier Fauvelle (Collège de France), Africa and the global Middle Ages: broker states, articulated cities, ecological thresholds (CMS, 4:10pm)

March 5: O’Donnell lecture, Francesco Stella (Università Siena), The Latin Lives of Mohamed (AH TBA, 4:10pm)

March 12: Paul Saenger (Rare Books at the Newberry Library), “Jewish Confrontations with Christianity in the Middle Ages and the Origin of the Modern Mode of citing Sacred Scripture” (CMS, 4:10pm)

(tentative) March 19: Rigg Visitorship lecture, Mark Vessey (UBC), Title TBA (CMS, 4:10pm)

(tentative) April 2 or April 3Charlotte Denoel (Bibliothèque nationale de France) and Isabelle Marchesin ( Institut national d’histoire de l’art), TBA on the Gellone Sacramentary (CMS, 4:10pm)

April 7: Étienne Gilson lecture, Willemien Otten (Univ. of Chicago), Title TBA (AH 400, 4:10pm)