You can take courses at the Centre for Medieval Studies to enhance any undergraduate degree in the arts or sciences.

Our full offerings, covering medieval languages (Latin, Old Norse, etc.), manuscripts, and material culture, are listed on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences course calendar.

The courses listed below allow you to learn the latest digital skills alongside medieval culture in its full diversity. You can learn further digital skills through the Wordsworth College minor in Digital Humanities.

Several other departments on campus also offer undergraduate courses on the Middle Ages. Our Faculty page lists professors at Toronto who specialize in Medieval Studies. We encourage you to explore the wide range of their specialities. St Michael’s College offers a specialist, major, and minor in Mediaeval Studies.

MST201H1: Getting Medieval: Myths and Monsters

MST201 Description

Introduction to the sound, sight, and touch of the distant past, telling the story of the Middle Ages through objects from animal skin parchment to enameled icon. Lectures are complemented by hands-on learning in weekly tutorials featuring text- and narrative-oriented digital methods, along with medieval drama and music performance.

MST202H1: Getting Medieval: Place and Space

MST202 Description

From world maps to tales of pilgrimage, trade, and exploration, from imagined other worlds to historical cityscapes, this course tells the story of the Middle Ages through the places and spaces that defined medieval culture. Lectures are complemented by hands-on learning in weekly tutorials featuring network visualization and digital mapping.

MST300H1: Alexander the Great in the Middle Ages

MST300 Description

This course explores the medieval afterlife of Alexander the Great, whose legend travelled from Iceland and Ireland to Iran and India. Text analysis software and digital mapping tools are used to analyse the circulation and variation of the Alexander Romance across the known medieval world. No prior technological preparation is expected.